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‘A Splash of Love’ Filming Locations: From Beautiful Beaches to Charming Towns

“Get ready to dive into the picturesque world of ‘A Splash of Love‘! This romantic comedy has captured our hearts with its charming storyline and stunning settings. From sandy beaches to quaint towns, we’re taking you on a journey through the filming locations that make this movie so enchanting. Grab your popcorn and join us for a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most beautiful places in cinema!”

‘A Splash of Love’ Filming Locations

The quaint town of Ventura, California was the perfect location for the filming of “A Splash of Love.” The idyllic setting provided the right atmosphere for scenes depicting the love story between Gabby and Daniel. Other filming locations in Ventura include the beach and various downtown areas.

Beaches and Coastal Towns

From beautiful beaches to charming towns, the filming locations for “A Splash of Love” are sure to please. Starting in Miami, the cast and crew traveled to some of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Panama City Beach and Destin. In addition to stunning coastal views, these locations offer plenty of opportunities for scenes featuring sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Later in the year, the production relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina for a few weeks of filming. This small seaside town is well known for its picturesque waterways and quaint waterfront districts. The town’s main attraction, though, is its mild climate – perfect for scenes featuring outdoor beach scenes!

Finally, in early December 2016, “A Splash of Love” filmed several episodes in Savannah, Georgia. This historic city is famed for its lovely squares and graceful architecture – perfect settings for romantic scenes. Additionally, Savannah boasts miles of sandy coastline that provide beautiful backdrops for scenes involving waterfalls and other aquatic elements.

Charming Towns

Love is in the air! The cast and crew of the new Hallmark Channel movie, “A Splash of Love”, are filming in some pretty charming towns. From beautiful beaches to quaint mountain villages, these towns sure have captured the hearts of the film’s cast and crew. Here are a few of their favorite locations:

1. Newport Beach, California – This seaside town is known for its stunning natural beauty, including powdery white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The backdrop for much of the movie scenes was the majestic Balboa Bay.

2. Santa Barbara, California – This picturesque coastal town is known for its romantic Spanish architecture and abundance of wineries. It was perfect for scenes set at a resort island where lovebirds (played by real-life husband and wife team Terry Wogan and Jill Clayburgh) are getting ready to wed.

3. Aspen, Colorado – This quintessential ski town has countless charming small shops and restaurants that created the perfect setting for a romantic dinner party attended by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (of “Sleepless in Seattle” fame).

4. Dillon, Montana – This tiny mountain village has an incredible array of scenic overlooks perfect for capturing dreamy shots of Hanks and Ryan together on a snowy mountaintop backdrop.


If you’re looking for a romantic location to film your wedding or proposal, this list of ‘A Splash of Love’ filming locations is sure to have something that’s perfect for you! From idyllic beaches to picturesque towns, these spots will make your photos and video all the more special. So grab your loved ones and take a trip down memory lane – these are places where love was born!




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