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Behind the Scenes: Exploring Where Samaritan was Filmed

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes journey of one of the most popular TV shows ever made – Samaritan. If you’re as obsessed with this crime drama series as we are, then you’ll love what’s in store for you today! We’re taking you on a thrilling adventure to explore some of the breathtaking locations where Samaritan was filmed. From gritty alleyways to sparkling skyscrapers, get ready to discover every inch of these iconic sets and learn how they brought your favorite scenes to life. So sit tight and buckle up because this is going to be an exhilarating ride!

What is Samaritan?

Samaritan is a feature-length, faith-based drama film that was filmed in the UK and Ireland. The film tells the story of two Samaritans – one a priest and one a street preacher – as they attempt to save a suicidal man from jumping off a bridge.

The cast and crew of Samaritan were happy to be filming in such beautiful locations, including the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin and the rolling hills of Wales. Director Bart Layton was also grateful for the talented British and Irish actors who helped bring his story to life.

Although Samaritan is set in different parts of the world, its central message – that we are all interconnected – is universal. This makes it an ideal movie for audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.

How was Samaritan Filmed?

Samaritan was filmed in various locations in the Dominican Republic, including the colonial city of Santo Domingo and the coastal town of Higüey. The film also took place on a set in Spain.

The film’s production team spent months scouting locations for Samaritan, and made sure to choose places that would accurately reflect the story’s setting. For example, Santo Domingo served as the perfect backdrop for scenes involving religious fervor and spiritual healing. Higüey, meanwhile, was chosen as the location for a key scene in which Jesus appears to a blind man (played by Javier Botet).

Aside from filming on set, crew also shot some scenes at a hospital in Santo Domingo. “We wanted to make it feel real,” says producer/director Bart Freundlich. “So we shot some footage inside a real hospital and added visual effects later.”

Overall, filming Samaritan was an incredibly challenging task – but one that was well worth it when viewers are able to experience Jesus’ miraculous work first-hand.”

Where was Samaritan Filmed?

Samaritan was filmed in various locations around the world, most notably in Lebanon and Croatia. The film’s Lebanese setting was particularly important to the filmmakers, as it provided an authentic backdrop for the story of a Palestinian family struggling to survive amidst a conflict zone.

The Croatian location served as Samaritan’s main antagonist: a war-torn country where violence and poverty are rampant. The filmmakers employed a number of techniques to create an oppressive atmosphere for the town, including hiring local extras who were actors without prior acting experience.

Elsewhere in the film, Samaritan features scenes shot in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The architecture and landscape of these cities played an important role in determining which locations would be used for shooting. For example, Bethlehem was chosen because it accurately depicted the socio-economic conditions that exist there today.


This Behind the Scenes article explores where Samaritan was filmed, from the initial concept to final product. From the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland to the bustling streets of Beirut, this video offers a fascinating look at how a project can come together and illustrate just what goes into making a movie. Thank you for following along as we explore Samaritan’s story!




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